Thursday, January 28, 2010

Power Restored to Camp Wawona

It took close to forty electric crews almost a week to restore full time power to Camp Wawona but the wait was worth it. Steady power now flows through the lines, lighting and warming the buildings all over camp. Along with the return of electric energy came the restoration of phone and internet services.

Camp Staff, along with the outside expertise of the contractor in charge of the building project, are still working to assess the two failed generators in an effort to either salvage or scrap what's left of the 50-year-old behemoths. If the review proves the generators have breathed their last, Camp Staff are praying for God to provide new(er) generators so that the ministry at camp won't be interrupted by power outages due to weather. For now, however, camp staff are marveling at the wonder of the lightbulb and re-discovering the power of the internet all over again.

Power crews gather in the parking lot of the Wawona General Store.

Light bulbs shine for the first time in a week.

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