Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anthony White Joins CW Team

Valentines Day weekend didn't bring romance to Camp Wawona but it did bring extra help in the form of Anthony White. White, who has been a summer camp staff since 2007, took a year off to serve as a student missionary in the Galapagos Islands where he contracted a tropical illness after only 2 months of service. When the situation didn't improve, White was forced to seek medical treatment in the U.S. and could not return to the Islands due to mishandled paperwork by the institution he was serving. Wanting to finish the year of service he had started, White contacted Camp Wawona to inquire about filling the void left by Mary Ellen Barlow's early departure to prepare for medical school. After much prayer and waiting, White arrived at Camp Wawona on February 14, 2010. White assist in teaching classes for Camp Wawona Outdoor School's pilot season as well as organize Year-Round and Summer Camp marketing (among other things). Camp Wawona is excited to add Anthony White to the Year-Round staff as they seek to grow in ministry and advance God's kingdom.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Divine Intervention Spares Freezer Stock

Camp Wawona's freezer miraculously stayed within legal temperature ranges for the duration of the power outage caused by January's snow storms. With power restored, CW staff faced a new problem: the freezer wasn't cooling...at all.
It seems that as Generator 1 failed because of the heavy electrical load it was carrying (due in large part to the unexplained failure of Generator 2) buildings camp-wide experienced electricity fluctuations commonly known as "brown outs". The power fluctuations caused the freezer compressor burn out, damaging it beyond repair.
Food Service Director Paulette Bair wasn't excited about the $3,000 bill but was even less excited by the idea of not having a freezer. With the part taking almost another week to arrive and be installed, God continued to preform a miracle and keep the freezer within legal temperatures in spite of daily highs in the mid 40's.
The freezer is up and running again after a new compressor was installed, but camp staff will not soon forget the mighty example of God's grace and power.

The burnt out compressor on the back of the freezer.

Camp Wawona's freezer miraculously stayed within legal temperature ranges for almost two weeks without a cooling system.