Monday, August 23, 2010

Street Sweep Keeps Camps Roads Clean

It sure does...It attaches to the skid steer and here's some photos of what it looks like.

Waiting to be put into use.

It even gets the curb...

Summer Camp Staff Enlarge Horse Corral

It took summer camp staff a little over two weeks to tear out and rebuild a larger horse corral. At 30% larger, the new horse corral also includes built in benches. Photos are below.

New Corral

Built-in benches

CW Staff Build New Horse Paddocks

True, it's old news...but it's still awesome. Started at the last work party, the new horse paddocks were finished literally as horses arrived for summer camp. The 10 year round staff put in extra long days to finish out and ended up with a project they could be proud of. The new paddocks provide a more organized layout and safer environment for the horse. Photos below.

New layout makes it easy to feed & water horses with one pass.

Wide isles make it easy for horses to enter & exit stalls.