Monday, November 15, 2010

CW Finishes Construction of Yurt Platforms

The new "Yurt Village" is finally taking shape with the completion of eight platforms which will serve as the bases for the yurt structures. Meant to replace camp's existing tent structures, the yurts will be larger and more useable for the duration of the yearly cycle as they are able to hold heat (to learn more about yurts CLICK HERE). Funds are still being raised to finish the yurt village but structures could begin to go up in the spring of 2011. 

CW Cafeteria Gets TV

Several months ago maintenance director Jerrod Gabel built a wall to shield the kitchen entrance from the dining room. Now the wall has a second purpose, to give information to people standing in line. Stan Bair, father of food service director Paulette Bair, spent a few of his vacation hours modifying the wall structure to hold a new flat screen TV meant to play DVD's and possibly hook up to the internet to give information regarding weather and news. While a few modifications are still needed, the new TV has already been put to use displaying summer camp footage to guests as they wait to be served. Photos are below.

Camp Wawona Prepares for Winter

The steady drop in temperature means winter is on its way. And with it brings extra preparations to keep infrastructure safe and running. The sprinkler system that keeps the new lawn green all summer must be purged of water using compressed air. Cabin pipes must be insulated and sometimes even heated. Plowing equipment must be checked and made ready. And of course, wood must be split and stacked. Staff spent a full 8-hour day splitting, loading, and then stacking over a dozen cords of wood. This ensures staff housing can be kept warm while lowering energy costs incurred by using the propane heaters. There are still a few things to be done but once finished, camp will be ready to safely weather the winter storms. SIDE NOTE: CW thanks the Robertsons & Greenups for donating their time and energy to repaint the barn in Old Town. It looks great! Photos are below.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Camp Wawona Finishes Fall Outdoor Ed Season

Each Spring and Fall Camp Wawona turns into a classroom, though not in the traditional sense. Derek Wright led the CW team through Camp Wawona Outdoor School's pilot season last spring and they're back at it again and finishing the Fall season with Pleasant Hill SDA School 8th graders. From team building to trekking through Yosemite's beautiful back country, students learn from their surroundings and then use traditional methods (reading, writing, math, science) to record and document their experience. Even though the fall season of outdoor school is coming to a close, many schools are already standing in line for the Spring sessions. If you know a school that might be interested call Derek at 209.375.6231 ext. 703. Photos from this week are below.

CW Staff lead evening worship.

Students learn to work together to conquer to "The Muse."

Anthony explains the High Ropes Challenge Course.