Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yurts & Bathhouse Complete

Thank you Constituents, Donors, Volunteers and Summer Camp Staff for your support, hard work and prayers. It is because of you that we were able to complete all eight yurts and the bathhouse. As of August, eight Yurts were completed and just this month the Bathhouse was also finished.

The Yurt Project has been a great undertaking. From the start, the weather was against us. In May, the rain pelted us as we worked and snow shouted, “surprise” as is fell out of nowhere when the volunteers arrived. On and off the weather was consistently - inconsistent. It left no time for us to make much progress on the Yurts. Thankfully, the volunteers gave their time to other projects needing attention and little by little they were also able to construct one Yurt.

Snow and rain continued its onslaught against us all the way through June – Summer Camp. 

Summer Camp arrived, and with it, 60 staff members who love Jesus and believe in Camp Wawona’s Ministry. We knew we were blessed when this great team filled with young, energetic, good looking people were under the assumption that Yurt construction was “the coolest thing ever”! In fact, every free moment they had, the staff spent putting seven Yurt cabins together.

The Yurts did two things for our team:
1. Brought us all together - strengthening our bonds
2. Provided ownership - the feeling that you are a part of something - round, big and beautiful!

One of our Summer Camp Staff, Ben, shared with a grin and a wink,
"In a few years, I'll bring my kids here and show them the yurts - I helped build those"!

After listening to our new friends share their hearts while putting pieces of wood together, I had a profound insight (more of a reminder) of why I love it here. Camp Wawona is a haven, a refuge, a place of meditation and full of insights. It is a place to laugh freely and let joy abound in rich waves of glory. It inspires and it connects. Wawona means “a good place to rest”. Our guests would agree - the Miwok Indians got that right! 

Camp Wawona makes people better. No matter what kind of dirty jobs we are doing, whether it’s cleaning a bed wetting or a plugged toilet, or doing the dishes, chopping wood, building a yurt or using all of our energy to make a camper's day, we are here for the greater good – God.

God brings people of all shapes and sizes and all cultures and colors together in unity. We are so blessed to have Camp Wawona, a place that during the summer needs at least 60 young, passionate people to come from all corners of the earth to serve.

God gave me friends for life. I’m so glad He was my first!

Want to take part?
We have had some queries about donating.
Now that the Yurts are complete, we need to furnish them! 
If you would like to play a special part in our ministry there are three ways in which you can help:
1. Pray
2. Support - from afar, or volunteer!
3. Support financially - we accept checks, credit cards and cash

For more information:
(209) 375 6231
8110 Forest Drive
Wawona, CA 95389

Blessings to you!

     Summer Camp Staff stocking us up for winter!

2011 Summer Camp Staff

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Record Classrooms Turn INSIDE>OUTDOORS!


Over 216 students attended our 2011 Spring Season of Outdoor School.
That is more students this past spring than we had all of last year. 

…Better yet.

Last fall we had two schools, which was a good start. This fall, however, has taken off like a rocket with three schools traveling from Oakdale, Templeton Hills and San Jose to experience Camp Wawona’s classroom>outdoors. 
That’s not all. 
There are five more schools yet to come! 

…And it gets even better.

Spring season 2012 is completely booked!

To keep up with the increase in enrollment, Camp Wawona brought on board Shannon Taylor (featured left), an Outdoor Leadership Major from Southern Adventist University. Miss Taylor has already helped create new curriculum and teaching techniques as well as assisted with other camp duties.

Derek Wright, Associate Director, believes Shannon is a great asset to Camp Ministry. “Shannon is experienced in outdoor education as a student from Southern Adventist University, and now as a certified instructor. She is energetic and excited about her job and is technically proficient. Most important, the students and teachers love her.”

Executive Director, Elden Ramirez, is thankful for the multiple blessings we have received here at Camp Wawona.
“It has been a year since we opened the Outdoor School program and we are very excited to celebrate with you our success. As they contribute their gifts and talents, the entire Camp Wawona staff has been instrumental in making this program possible. With resources the Lord has provided, we are committed to continue to improve this much needed program so that every school leaves blessed and longing for more!”

Receiving positive responses from students and teachers alike makes for great news and represents our ministry’s success. Camp Wawona is proud to have a quality staff who offer top-notch instruction and fun. The love and support of Alumni and donors is greatly appreciated. Our staff are dedicated individuals who love God and believe in Camp Wawona and its Ministry – God’s ministry.          

_____     _____     _____

Camp Wawona’s Outdoor School program turns classrooms “Inside-Outdoors”. Offering an extremely varied and flexible curriculum, from academic disciplines such as ecology and language arts, to adventure pursuits like the challenge course and hiking Yosemite Valley, Camp Wawona is building a reputation for a God centered environment with passionate staff who live to share their love of God and His creation.


(Food Service guru, Paulette, preparing a 'cook out' for two schools in Yosemite Valley)