Sunday, December 11, 2011

3rd Annual Christmas Open House – better than ever!

Over 100 visitors joined Camp Wawona in Celebrating the Christmas Season with yummy treats, singing and camp activities including the rock wall. 

"It's our 3rd Annual Christmas Open House and we are overjoyed with the outcome. Can you believe we had no more than 20 guests our first Christmas Open House? It is such a blessing to see how many more people come to support us every year" 

- Kristina Wright, Marketing Director.   

Magical Mule

The Year Round Staff were busy throughout the day setting up for the 
evening and once the crowds arrived, the Staff were in their element.

ign up sheets for the Magical Mule Ride (tour of Camp Wawona on our decorated Kawasaki Mule) and rock wall were filled to the brink.
The Year Round Staff facilitated the events until every guest had a 'taste of Camp Wawona'. 

Derek Wright, Associate Director, shares, “It was encouraging to see the community support and witness their interest in what Camp Wawona has to offer”.  

Attendees traveled from Oakhurst, Coarsegold and Fresno. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Open House 2011

Want to help?

Yurt Furniture 
Now that the Yurts are up we need to furnish them! Quality bunk-beds have been found. All we need now are the means to purchase them. Thanks to our supporting donors, we only have 5 yurts left to furnish. 

—$4400 furniture per yurt
(includes 4 sets of bunk-beds, queen bed & frame, heater & mattresses)

Bear Bins
For the safety of our guests and bears Camp Wawona needs bear proof food storage containers. 
—$600 each 

Bear Proof Trash Cans
Camp Wawona would like to keep unwanted guests, like bears, to a minimum. Therefore, Camp needs bear proof trash cans.
—$1,000 each

Volleyball Court
Volleyball is popular during Outdoor School and Summer Camp.With the changes in our recreation area, we need to incorporate a volleyball court. We have the perfect spot, but we need help. 

Latest Improvements at Camp Wawona

Yurt Snow Load Kits
Snow is coming and Camp is ready! 
Volunteers spent three days outfitting the yurts with snow load kits. 

Camp Wawona Lodge - New Entry
Camp Wawona is blessed to have a staff of many skills. 
After a good sanding, finish, painting and laying of tile, the Lodge’s new foyer looks very inviting. 

New Campfire Bowl
With great respect and a sense of gratitude for its many years of service, the old campfire bowl was retired and the grounds are being prepared for new construction to begin.

Getting Ready For Summer 2012

We are so excited to see how the Lord is going to bless the efforts of our Year Round and Summer Camp staff as we prepare for the upcoming summer season. This past summer, we were rejoicing together as we witnessed God’s blessing over our camp.

The best part of Summer Camp is the Friday night program. Sabbath, being the last day before campers return home, is a special time together. 

It is when Camp staff and campers unite with one purpose, to share the love of Jesus and His life changing power. After sharing a very personal and delicious Agape meal staff perform a play for the campers.

Throughout the week camper’s have seen many stories on stage leading them on a journey of understanding the Gospel. Friday is the culmination of this discovery.

Whether campers discover Jesus for the first time or feel a renewal of love for Him, many personal convictions are made during summer camp.

If a camper would like to take action and move forward with their personal commitment “decision cards” are made available to them.

Here are some of the decisions made last summer: 

“I accept Jesus as my personal savior”

“I would like to start Bible Studies”

“I would like to be baptized”

Memorial for Church Pioneer

“Oh we are the Pathfinder’s Strong, the servants of God are we, faithful as we march along, in kindness, truth and purity. A message to tell to the world, a truth that will set us free, King Jesus the Savior’s coming back, for you and me…..” - Henry T. Bergh

On August 27, Camp Wawona hosted a memorial service for Pathfinder pioneer, Elder Henry Bergh. Several generations were united as they attended the service. Many shared how their lives were impacted by Elder Bergh. Numerous testimonies were also given on how his life impacted our local Conference, Union, North American Division and our World Church.

Elder Bergh’s family was presented with various gifts in appreciation of his service. North American Division recognition was sent from Pastor James Black and presented by Central California Conference (CCC) President, Ramiro Cano. Executive Secretary, Ron Rasmussen, presented the family with a conference relic, the 100 year anniversary compilation of our church heritage in the CCC region where Elder Bergh also played a very important role. CCC Youth Director, Pastor Elden Ramirez, presented the family with a Pathfinder church flag and expressed his gratitude not only for Pastor Bergh’s ministry in the Pathfinder program, but also for his incredible contribution to the Summer Camp and Junior Youth Ministry of the Central California Conference. 

Having lived his life for God, Pastor Bergh, will always be remembered as an honest and kind man full of wisdom and integrity. 

Dixie Plata, Pathfinder Historian, describes Pastor Bergh’s journey,
“Henry became a treasurer for several conferences and for Pacific Press before becoming the Youth Director of the Central California Conference. It was here that he helped to begin 23 Pathfinder clubs, wrote a booklet “How to Start A Pathfinder Club,” started the Pathfinder Coordinator program, held the first Pathfinder Leadership Training, designed the Pathfinder flag (which Helen Hobbs made), and led the first Pathfinder Fair.” 

Perhaps one of Elder Bergh’s greatest contributions to our church was the countless hours he dedicated to our beloved Camp Wawona. It was here where thousands of lives were brought to the feet of Jesus Christ under the leadership of such a Godly man. 

Despite all of his accomplishments, Elder Bergh was a humble pioneer who preferred to keep a low profile. When asked to write a song he properly protested that he was neither a musician nor a composer and promptly dismissed the notion. He said, 
“But along in May of 1949, I was driving to an appointment out on Monterey Peninsula about 70-80 miles (110-130 km) from home. I was thinking about our Pathfinders and how they needed a tune. Then I thought, well, at least I should write some words. So I tried to compose a poem. I thought about the MV Pledge—pure and kind and true, with a message to go to the world. I pulled to the side of the road, took a piece of scrap paper out of my Bible, and began to write...” (The Pathfinder Story)

“...Well, I thought, that’s not bad… I took off again for my Sabbath appointment.  On my way home afterwards, I started humming a tune of sorts; then the words began to fit in. I pulled off the road again and jotted down some dots as I hummed the tune over. That evening I asked my wife to try and play this thing for me from the dots on the page. I still wasn’t confident that it was good enough for a Pathfinder Song, so I sent it to Wayne Hooper (a well known church musician and composer) and asked him to edit it. He sent it back and said ‘It’s a good song—go ahead and publish it!” (The Pathfinder Story) 

Pastor Henry T. Bergh will be remembered for many of his accomplishments but one in particular will forever stand out - the words and music he wrote down as they were given to him from above.

‘Just Say No’ Event - Great Success for Camp Wawona

Anthony Handal (Outdoor Education Director) & Kristina Wright (Marketing Director) participated in a back-to-school “Just Say No” event hosted by Central Valley Christian Academy.

Extreme motocross stunt riders, Ceres SWAT team, karate demonstrators, and other teen friendly exhibits were just some of the highlights. 

The event was free for the community and inspired many to live a drug and alcohol free life.

“Our booth sparked a lot of interest and time flew as kids lined up to climb our portable rock wall. At the end of the day we had a long list of contact details from people wanting more information about Camp Wawona.”   
- Kristina Wright