Monday, January 25, 2010

Neighbors Lend Camp Wawona a Much Needed Hand

Misery loves company. But in Wawona, California the company alleviates misery. CW Staff woke up on Friday, January 22 to many challenges. A tree had fallen on the medical building, seven trees had fallen across camps road to the top, a tree had fallen in front of the cafe across CW's main power lines, and no chainsaw. M5, a Kawasaki Mule used to assist in plowing goes down as does CW's main plow truck and snowblower. The icing on the cake is the failure of Generator 1, causing camp to lose all power including phone lines and internet. With no chainsaw to remove trees, no vehicles to plow with, and no power to keep food cold or the office running, camp staff scratch their heads at what to do next. 
Enter the local community of Wawona, CA. A phone call to the local school nets valuable advice on where to find help from Michelle, the teacher of the school. However, Michelle notifies another neighbor, Jaimie, of camp's situation and help begins to arrive. Jaimie notifies NPS (National Park Service) who promptly arrive at camp and remove the biggest tree from the road as well as plow all the way to camp. Another neighbor, Ed, arrives with two chainsaws for camp to borrow. Ed is followed by Jon, Jaimie's husband, who shows up to help camp staff diagnose the problem causing Generator 1 to fail. Though initially unsuccessful in their attempts to restart Generator 1, Jon returns to help again, and even spends more of his own time to research the problem from home.  Camp staff were greatly encouraged by help received from the local community and wish to thank those who gave their time and energies to assist Camp Wawona in it's time of need. 

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