Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Youth Workers Convention – San Diego

Proving a success in 2010, Camp Wawona was excited to return to San Diego for Youth Specialties’ 2011 National Youth Workers Convention.

One of the largest conventions of its kind, NYWC presented approximately 70 exhibits to thousands of pastors, youth pastors, teachers, youth volunteers and youth ministry leaders. Camp Wawona representatives, Kristina Wright (Marketing) and Derek Wright (Associate Director), were eager to show off Camp Wawona and what it has to offer to churches and schools. 

Camp Wawona’s booth, featuring Half Dome and an attractive display of Summer Camp photos, as well as a modern marketing set up – with a TV playing camp promotional videos, brochures, business cards, t-shirts and an Apple iPad - made certain attendees did not walk by without stopping at Camp Wawona’s booth. With sparkling eyes and animated faces, Kristina and Derek made sure they stayed awhile.

Derek Wright humbly shares,
“This year’s NYWC was a great success. We were able to share information with hundreds of potential clients and connect with other Summer Camps like Hume Lake and Mt Hermon who invited us to visit their camps. At the end of the day, office@campwawona.org already had emails from attendees interested in using our facilities, food service and activities. I’ve already made bookings for next year.”

Praise God!

"...sparkling eyes and animated face"

Lucky Draw Winner - Youth Ministry Leader

"It's not an apple it's an Apple"

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