Friday, April 2, 2010

New Sign Points the Way to Camp Wawona

To the local community, indeed to most living inside Yosemite National Park, "Camp Wawona" does not exist. Even though the camp facility has never moved or changed names since it's founding in 1929, mentioning "Camp Wawona" as your destination at any nearly any park entrance (with the exception of the South entrance) will have gate attendants scratching their heads and asking, "Where?"

Instead, it is known as "SDA Camp". The reason? A single sign located near the beginning of Forest Drive, the road that leads to camp, which for decades has pointed the way to "SDA Camp". Locals noted that, thanks to the sign, they have always known who the camp was affiliated with, but never knew it had a formal name.

That's about to change (over time perhaps) thanks, in part, to a new sign which now proudly points the way to "Camp Wawona". The signage change, made several days ago, is already clearing up some confusion among the local community as many are now making the connection that "SDA Camp" and "Camp Wawona" are the same place.

CW Staff hope the sign change will further their efforts to establish a positive connection with local residents and park employees in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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