Monday, April 26, 2010

CW Cafeteria Upgrades its Equipment

Cafeteria Director Paulette Bair scratched two things off her “must have” list last week with the purchases of a cold deck salad bar and tilt skillet.

“It’s about safety and being more efficient,” said Bair. “A better product means less waste.”

A new tilt skillet retails at roughly $12,000 while a new cold deck sells for around $20,000 . However, Bair new that she could acquire the tools she needed without having to break the bank.

“After doing some research I started combing the Internet for options,” said Bair. “I saw what I wanted and made offers. We ended up getting the tilt skillet and cold deck for $2,000 each. I couldn’t even build a salad bar for that cheap!”

The Tilt Skillet is waiting for a few parts to convert it from natural gas to propane while the Cold Deck was put to use immediately. Sporting a self-cooling refrigeration system, the new cold deck single handedly replaces two smaller, plastic decks by being longer, sturdier, and taller, making self-service easier and more comfortable. In addition, the new deck is equipped with special serving holes, essentially combining the workload of two cold decks, saving space and increasing room for traffic flow.

Once converted, the tilt skillet’s versatility will cut down food preparation time while creating a safer work environment as the machine assists lifting and/or straining hot foods.

The two purchases are part of Bair’s plan to improve the cafeteria program both immediately and long term as both additions can be transplanted into the new cafeteria later on.

Video and photos are posted below.

The tilt skillet arrives!

Staff work as a team to move the skillet inside.

The tilt skillet finds a new home and waits to be converted to propane.

The new Salad Bar Cold Deck.

Individual holes keep food organized and cold.

Longer means more people served at one time.

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Unknown said...

Awesome salad bar and skillett !! Paulette, you are a genius and obviously blessed ebayer' ;-) :-)