Thursday, March 18, 2010

Camp Wawona Leads Week of Prayer at Valley View Adventist Academy

On the last day of February, several CW staff hopped into a tan truck and drove the 4+ hours to Arroyo Grande, CA, with a portable rock climbing wall in tow. They were team 1 headed to Valley View Adventist Academy to start a Week of Prayer and recruit for summer camp. Team 1 was made up of Anthony Handal, Derek Wright, Jerrod Gabel and honorary staff Tiffany McMertty (please forgive the slaughtering of the last name...and possibly the first as well). The band of staff sang songs and shared stories with three different age groups each day, all pointing to the weeks theme "How Great is our God."

They were joined on Wednesday by Team 2 which consisted of Anthony White, Kristina Malarek (again...I apologize for the spelling), Donnie Keele, and two visiting summer camp staff, Chelsea Inglish, and Krista Turner. The combined teams led worship services together for one day and had high hopes for enthusing the youth about summer camp by way of the aforementioned portable rock wall. However, as the wall was being set up, a remnant of Noah's flood passed through, shutting down the operation. Team 1 headed for home while a portion of team 2 finished out the week with more songs and stories.

Team 2 departed VVAA with hopes that some seeds for God's kingdom had been planted and look forward to future opportunities to serve however and wherever God may call them.
CW staff lead songs

Jerrod imparts truth on young minds

Tiffany receives a warm welcome from the children

Kristina sits with the children and even participates in "Crazy Hair Day"

Anthony tells a spine-tingling story of God's protection

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