Monday, January 11, 2010

CW Staff Roster Complete

The final two full time positions on Camp Wawona's team have been filled, ending the 1.5-year search to fill the five positions that make up the full-time year 'round team (CW also hires four student missionaries each year). Jerrod Gabel and Paulette Bair officially started Jan. 1, 2010 as the new and much-needed maintenance director and Food Service Director.

Gabel moved from Chattanooga, TN where he was working on a masters degree in outdoor education. He has served for several years as horsemanship director and assistant camp director at sister institution Camp Mivoden.

Bair, along with assistant and friend Carol Krause, joined the Camp Wawona team from Camp Kulaqua in High Springs, Florida where they had served the past seven years.

The addition of two highly skilled, full-time area directors has proven crucial, making camp operations more efficient and professional almost overnight.

Maintenance Director Jerrod Gabel works to reorganize the shop.

Food Service Director Paulette Bair (left) and assistant Carol Krause (right) stand on the front porch of Valley Oak.

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Tyler H. M. said...

Gabel was horsemanship director for many years...not maintenance.